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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Rick O'Connell learns that China was resurrected the ancient Emperor Qin Shi Huang, whose army guarding it and after his death. Once upon a time the Emperor, conquered not one nation, was in search of the secret of eternal life, so he sent his general Mina to a powerful witch that knows the secrets of life and death.

Before the death of the witch, which Qin Shi Huang executed together with fell in love in her general point on Emperor's damnation. 2000 years later, the Emperor and his army of resurrected, and now Alex O'Connell tries to save humanity, but when he realizes that he will be an unequal battle, appealed for help to their parents, whose experience in combating vermin is truly legendary. O'Connell family left the old Adventure and live a peaceful life, but sometimes fondly remembers its dangerous but exciting Adventure, so Rick goes to China to repel the ancient Warriors, Rick and his wife Evelyn and her brother Jonathan is sent along with it.
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